Our School

Kulosaari Secondary School is a private publicly-funded secondary school in Helsinki. Our over 930 students in six grade levels and approximately 80 staff are of about 40 different nationalities with 30+ languages spoken. 60% of our students study in both Finnish and English according to CLIL pedagogy and all school events are organized bilingually. We emphasize community, individualism, and goal-oriented studying while helping our students grow into international and skilled Europeans with strong roots in their own cultures.

Our students and staff have diverse international backgrounds, many are from bicultural families and speak two or three languages at home, and many have lived abroad for various reasons.

Studying in the school is free, there are no tuition fees. The school can not offer accommodation or assist in visa applications.



We support growth to a brave individual

We are curious and explore the world actively. We get excited about things, and grasp them with courage and entrepreneurship. We develop creative and individual solutions and create new possibilities. We do not let mistakes discourage us but we learn from them and always try our best. We take responsibility and learn to know ourselves. We act respectively and with empathy towards everything surrounding us. We encourage responsibility and well-being.


We are a caring community

Together we create a safe and fair school community. We respect and trust each other. We all have the opportunity to participate in and be a part of the school life. We take responsibility of the functioning of our community and the world outside it. We help and support each other. We are open-minded towards the new and different. We appreciate and benefit from the diversity of our community.


We aim to the world

We live in an international world, represent Finnishness with pride, and create networks. We welcome diversity, appreciate different cultures, and know how to act and communicate within them. We build a better world.


We build the future

We offer a goal-directed learning environment where diverse knowledge and skills can be learned. Continuous self-development, discovering and improving one’s own strengths is important to us. Passion towards learning creates our academic atmosphere. We take initiative, and we are innovative and critical. We evaluate and give constructive feedback. We understand the meaning of sustainable development.