Koulussamme on tarjolla mukavaa puuhaa myös koulupäivien jälkeen. Kerhot ovat maksuttomia, ja jokainen osallistuja on tervetullut. Kerhot ovat yhteisiä peruskoulun ja lukion oppilaille. Kaikki kerhot ovat kaksikielisiä. Kerhojen toiminnasta ilmoitetaan kerhoilmoitustaululla kirjaston ovien vieressä. All clubs are bilingual and free of charge for all lower and upper secondary students. More information is available on club notice board outside the library. Welcome!
Art club
Love to be creative, make and create brightly coloured art to brighten up your environment. There is no limit apart from your own imagination. You can be a student in lower secondary or finishing your studies in upper secondary: Everyone interested in art and making things is most welcome to join the club! Only in periods 4 and 5. Teachers: Kirsten & John
Kulis Deli
Tervetuloa kokkaamaan ja leipomaan kaikenmaailman herkkuja. Kokeillaan uutta unohtamatta klassikoita. Sushi, hamburgers, moccabrownies, you name it, let´s make it!
Music Club
Open to any students from lower and upper secondary with an interest in singing and/or playing skills on any instrument. We plan to combine singing & playing in a larger group, covering a variety styles. The music club will also prepare songs to perform for various school events as our ‘go to’ group for school performances. The club will meet once a week on varying days throughout the year. Students will help choose the songs and plan performances and any other music club activity. First meeting to be announced on the club notice board. Teacher: Michael
Dance Team International
Join our dance team and get to know other dancers who share your hobby! We work together as a team and evolve as individuals and dancers in a safe and inspiring environment. Your group will quickly grant you a sense of belonging while a world of awesome dance moves awaits you through the instruction provided by our experienced teachers. Classes in KSYK on Thursdays and Fridays. Welcome!