English stream

Kulosaari Secondary School is an international and bilingual school. Annually 180 students enroll to the school’s General Stream, English Stream, Society and Economics Stream and Science and Technology Stream. The English Stream admits 60 students per year.

Studies are completed bilingually at KSYK. In the English Stream, students must have very good skills in English as well as Finnish because the teaching and the material in compulsory and advanced courses are in both languages. The teaching is partly in English, the textbooks are in Finnish and all other material is bilingual. The graduate courses (abi courses) are in Finnish as they prepare students for the Finnish Matriculation Examination Diploma. Please find more information about the bilingualism in Kulosaari Secondary school here.

It is the aim of our studies to combine theory with practice and place special emphasis on extracurricular visits and joint projects with working life and institutions of higher education.

Watch the English Stream introduction video here!