HELIMUN (Helsinki International Model United Nations) is a Model United Nations conference, where students simulate the work of the United Nations Organisation. The aim of the Model United Nations is to seek, through discussion and debate, solutions to problems of the world such as human rights and disarmament issues. Students participating in MUN learn how the real United Nations works, what lobbying, formal debate, and resolutions are and why they are important when they try to solve problems. They can also practice their language skills (the language of most MUN conferences is English) and hopefully give them an understanding of the world’s problems. 

Upper secondary students have several possibilities for attending HELIMUN; firstly they can act as delegates (especially if they haven’t attended an MUN -conference in lower secondary), secondly they may apply to be judges in the International Court of Justice (especially if they wish to study law in university) and thirdly they may apply to be student officers (chairs) and organise the conference. The executive student officers are appointed based on their skills and experience.