Etusivu 9 News 9 KSYK upper secondary school info session Tuesday 13th of Decemeber at 15.00
We warmly welcome you to the KSYK upper secondary school info session on Tuesday 13th of December at 15.00!
Info session will be held in our new lukiolounge, Atrium.
In the info session you will hear more about studying at our upper secondary school. You also have an opportunity to discuss with our stream leaders and tutors about studying in our different streams.
You can also take a tour in the school building.
If you arrive by a car please notice that there are limited places at the front of the school, so it may be better to arrive by public transport or park your car on the nearby streets, or in the car parks at the Mandatum tennis center or the Kulosaari metro station.
You can learn more about our streams and the applying process beforehand on our website
See you next Tuesday!