How to apply with a foreign diploma?

If you are applying to complete the upper school syllabus with a diploma from outside Finland you need to apply through the joint application system, Studyinfo. The application period takes place February 23rd- March 22nd. The studyinfo form is only in Finnish and Swedish. When applying, select Ulkomailla suoritettu koulutus (Degree completed abroad) and deliver copies of your certificates directly to the schools you are applying to before the application period ends. You can apply to a maximum of five (5) study programs. Print your application in the end. At Kulosaari Secondary School we only offer the Finnish matriculation examinations, which are in Finnish.

In addition to applying through the joint application system, you need to write one page informal application letter. Answer at least these questions in your applications:

  • Who you are and where have you studied before?
  • Why do you want to study in Finland and Kulosaari Secondary School?
  • On what level are your English and Finnish language skills?
  • What further plans do you have after upper secondary studies?
  • Where are you going to live, if you get into the school? Is your family moving here or would you live alone?

Send your printed joint application form, informal application and you last report card(s) and any other documents supporting your application to principal Lauri Halla by the end of the application period. Address: Kulosaaren yhteiskoulu/Lauri Halla, Ståhlberginkuja 1, 00570 Helsinki or by e-mail Title your e-mail “Harkinnanvarainen haku 2021” and make sure you get an answer from the principal within a week from when your mail was received.

When applying to the English stream, the selection will be made based on the documents sent to the school. If former studies are completed in English, there is no need to take the language test. If you have studied in some other language, please contact the principal or study guidance counsellor. If you are applying to the Society and Economics or Science and Technology Stream, you will need to take the entrance exam.

The results will be published earliest 17th June on the school web site. In addition to this an acceptance letter is sent by e-mail. New students need to enroll and select the courses for the first study year at school at one of these times Thursday 17th June at 12-16, Friday 18th June at 12-16 or Monday the 21st June at 9-15. If the student cannot come to the school on the days specified, he/she/they needs to contact the study guidance counsellor as soon as the results are published. The student needs to accept the study place by 1st July or it will be cancelled.

You can ask more information about the applications process from principal Lauri Halla,, tel.+358 40 735 3621 or  vice principal Riitta Kaisto,, tel. +358 400 808 351.

We also accept exchange students. An informal application can be sent to the principal by e-mail, Make sure you get an answer from the principal within a week from when your mail was received. Please title you message “Application as an exchange student”. For more information about studying as an exchange student please contact our international coordinator Linda Eklöf,