Upper School

In KSYK upper school you can study in one of our four streams: the General Stream, the English Stream, the Society and Economics Stream or the Science and Technology Stream. We are a bilingual school and all upper school students complete the Finnish matriculations examinations, which are written in Finnish. Therefore, all of the applicants accepted to KSYK must have at least beginner level Finnish language skills.

At Kulosaari upper school you can study in an inspiring and international environment. Trying your best, advancing in your studies, taking care of everybody around you, and good manners are important to all of us. Studying in our upper school is much more than only lessons, we see it as an important phase of life!

We welcome you to be part of the international community of KSYK! You’ll find all the information needed to apply with a Finnish diploma under each stream. The information for all streams except the English Stream is in Finnish. For instructions on how to apply with a foreign diploma, please click on the button to the right.