Bilingualism at KSYK

We offer all our students the possibility to study bilingually. At the same time though we take into account the preparation for the Finnish matriculation examination.

We have a lot of students and teachers coming from different cultures and together creating a multilingual community. Our common languages used in everyday school life, school occasions and celebrations are Finnish and English.

Different courses are studied according the following table:

General StreamSociety and Economics StreamScience and Technology StreamEnglish stream
National specialization coursesfe/effe/effe/effe/ef
School based specialization coursesfe/ef/efe/ef/efe/ef/efe/ef/e
Abi coursesffff


Bilingualism in different courses: 

f (in Finnish)

fe (80 % in Finnish / 20 % in English)

ef (33 % in Finnish / 33 % free choice / 33 % in English)

e (in English, for matriculation exams vocabulary/concepts in Finnish, too)



Civics course Finnish law (Lyh4) is an f-course.

Finnish History (Lhi5) is an f-course.

Ethics compulsory courses are fe-courses if there are not enough students for two study groups. Uskonto suomalaisessa yhteiskunnassa (Lue5) /Kulttuurit katsomuksen muovaajina(Let4)-courses are f-courses.