Middle school

We welcome all applicants to apply for a place in Kulosaari Secondary School!

In Kulosaari Secondary School, grades 7-9,  it is possible to study In Finnish, bilingually (Finnish/English,) and in English. Included in our English groups is the possibility to study with an emphasis in science and technology. It is possible to apply for a place whether you live in Helsinki or in any other district.

In our up and coming 7th grade we have 190 places available of which over 100 are for the  bilingual classes, over 60 in the English classes and about 25 in the Finnish class.

In the Bilingual Classes students study in both Finnish and English. The aim is to achieve excellent English language skills or to maintain existing language skills. An entrance test must be taken to be accepted in these classes. Of the more than 100 starting places for bilingual classes, about 25 are reserved for those who continue their bilingual teaching from Kulosaari Primary School to Kulosaari Middle School.

In the English Classes the language of instruction is predominantly in English. All students study Finnish language either at a mother tongue or Finnish as a second language level. Important details are taught in both languages. The aim is to maintain and develop a high level of English language skills and at the same time develop existing Finnish language skills or learn Finnish as a fluent language.  An entrance test must be taken to be accepted in these classes. Applicants for English-language instruction may also apply for a science-technology-focused teaching (Science and Technology Class) in a separate exam in conjunction with an aptitude test. If you would like more information about the Science and Technology emphasis class or would like to enroll for the test, please contact the Middle School Principal Richard Cousins (richard.cousins@ksyk.fi).

Anyone may apply for the Finnish speaking class. Students are primarily taken from the school’s enrollment area, and classes are supplemented with students living elsewhere. There is no aptitude test for the classes.

You can access the application schedule for the academic year 2022-2023 from the button below.

For grades 8 and 9 students are accepted if places are available.

You can ask for more information about enrollment in the 7th grade and available study places for the 8th and 9th grades at: admissions@ksyk.fi.