Etusivu 9 News 9 6th graders´ info meeting material and the application forms

Thank you everyone who participated Open doors day on 12th of November!
Here are the info material from 6th graders´ info meeting, application timetable and the official application forms

  • 6th graders´ info meeting material HERE.
  • Application timetable you can see HERE.

Those from Helsinki:

  • Fill in the application form in Wilma by 7.12.2022. It is available in English.
  • You can choose a maximum of 5 different options. Mark the alternatives in your order of preference so that option number 1 is your primary application option.
  • The options will be processed in the given order of preference.
  • If the student is admitted to option number 1, they will not be considered in the admission for other options.
  • Once submitted, the options and their order are binding and changing them after the application period has ended is not possible.


Those who are not currently studying in Grade 6 at a municipal school in Helsinki:

  • Fill in this form.
  • Deliver the form to the KSYK office or send it by email to latest 7.12.2022.