Studies in the English Stream

Annually 60 students are chosen to the English Stream. The English Stream offers teaching and courses according to the national curriculum. These compulsory courses in the English Stream are taught mostly in English, alternatively both English and Finnish are used (for example, teaching in English, textbooks in Finnish). The national and school-based advanced courses are offered bilingually with an emphasis on English. Courses preparing for matriculation examinations are always offered in Finnish. The aim is to help the students do well academically and for them to acquire a strong command of English.

KSYK places an emphasis on English, society and economics as well as science and technology. In the English Stream, students have the opportunity to choose courses according to their own interests from all the streams offered by the school.  The compulsory English courses for the English Stream offer extra material and content, for example, extracurricular visits and joint projects with working life and institutions of higher education. In addition, students in the English Stream can choose advanced and applied courses that deal with the English language and culture. You can find more about the courses here.

Apart from Finnish and English we offer a wide range of foreign language studies:

A languages: English, French, Swedish, German, Spanish and Russian
B1 language: Swedish
B2 languages: French, German and Spanish
B3 languages: French, German, Spanish and Russian
Beginners’ courses in Chinese, Japanese and Korean

Welcome to an inspiring, bilingual and academic environment, which gives you a solid basis to continue your studies both in Finland and abroad. Our student guidance counsellors help you when applying either to Finnish or foreign institutions.